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Creating Your Divorce Plan

Creating Your Divorce Plan

When contemplating divorce, the first thing I recommend before you do anything is to Stop and Think!  Do not rush into anything.  My motto is to be fully prepared for what is about to happen.   You are about to embark on a very challenging and at times emotional journey and one needs to be focused and rational thinking during the divorce process.

Creating a divorce plan will set out the aims for your divorce and the actions you will need to take to navigate your way through it.  At times it will be like wading against the tide.  You will see your partner in a completely different light,  the one you fell in love with and married.  You will be hope they are going to be fair, open and honest and still care about you even if only a little bit.  However from my personal experience and as a divorce mentor this is rarely the case.

It is imperative that you consider all aspects of your life.  Collate the information and have it all to hand.  This will keep you looking forward and focusing on what you want and what to expect throughout the divorce journey.  Hopefully, being realistic it will increase the likelihood of getting what you want in the long run.  Without a divorce plan you are leaving everything to chance and be totally reliant on your solicitor to guide you.  However they are intent on getting the legal side of your divorce through and do not always have the time to hold your hand.

As with any journey you need a map to get you to your destination.  This also applies with getting divorced – where do you want to end up.  Starting with the end in mind you need to consider your values, beliefs and strengths.  How you see your new life, what does it look like, how will it feel, what will people be saying to you…….

Checklist for Consideration and Action

Quality of Life
Work Life
Moving On
There is a lot to consider and a lot to protect so getting your divorce plan together is strategic in reaching a timely and favourable settlement.  As a divorce mentor I can help navigate, motivate and coach you through  your divorce journey.  I will support you both practically and emotionally when you  have to face difficult decisions and when the going gets really tough.

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