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Divorce Coaching

Having been through an acrimonious divorce myself I really know and understand what it feels like when getting divorced.  I do not take the place of your best friend or your solicitor but I am someone who is there for you, hold your hand when needed, a shoulder to cry on and most of all to support and help you decide for yourself what you truly want.   I will work tirelessly with you and your solicitor to fill the void between the legal process and the emotional support when overwhelm sets in.

I will keep you motivated and though a process of effective questioning you will be able to identify your future needs.   I will help you create an action plan, get you back in control of your life and together we will work towards achieving your goals to reach the outcome you deserve.

Pre – divorce

  • I will listen to your story
  • Initial marriage assessment – is your marriage truly over ?
  • Do you wish to make your marriage work, separate or divorce?
  • Identifying your core Values and Beliefs
  • Be well informed
  • What your future looks like to you
  • Get rid of mind chatter and start thinking positively
  • When you are ready I will guide you through your emotions
  • Managing Stress and Anxieties
  • Strategies in telling your spouse you want a divorce

Preparation for your Divorce

  • Recognise and manage your emotional turmoil, shock, disbelief, denial, anger, grief, loss and pain as well as relief and guilt
  • Coping with stress and the feeling of overwhelm
  • Self Care and well being
  • Good emotional shape to stay the course
  • Strategies to help you make the right decisions
  • Recommendation to Counselling if appropriate
  • Take control of your divorce
  • Build your confidence and self esteem
  • Working through limiting beliefs
  • Setting and achieving your future goals and objectives
  • Recommendations for professional support as required

Your Divorce Journey

  • Creating an action plan and adhering to it
  • Learn to communicate powerfully
  • Learn how to negotiate
  • How to discuss co-parenting with your ex
  • Making smart decisions through being well informed
  • Getting organised
  • Coping with the onerous paperwork that Divorce entails
  • Financial coaching to understand your current and on going needs
  • Keeping your future goals in mind at all times and taking steps each day towards them

Moving on 

  • Let go of what was
  • Building a relationship with money
  • Broadening your perspective 
  • Support with career/work
  • Support with finding your new home
  • Please see Divorce Recovery to help you move on from your ex
  • Coaching you to create your new exciting life


  • Complimentary 30 minute call to discuss your situation and how I can help
  • Initial Appointment (approx 2 hours) – £120
  • Hourly Rate – £75

+ travelling time if over 25 miles (from TN12) and expenses


First session preferably be face-to-face at a convenient venue.  I also work with many Clients via Skype or by phone.

Working with You

Whatever your needs I am able to advise and guide you through this difficult time. Learn more on the Support page.


Get in touch via [email protected] or 07977 777 306 to tell me your story and see how I can help you.