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Divorce Support

You may have finally decided that divorce is the route you want to go.  But where do you start? 

There are many conflicting self help books, so much information on the internet and friends only too willing to give their advice that it can seem overwhelming.  Before embarking on this journey it is important to understand the process and to consider the structure of your divorce, be well informed and consider the options open to you.  

These are some of the many points you need to think carefully about.

Understanding different types of divorce

  • Collaborative
  • Meditation
  • Arbitration
  • DIY

Understanding the options open to you

  • Your Rights
  • Divorce Options
  • Identifying Obstacles
  • Costs Involved
  • Divorce Timeline


  • Do I need a solicitor? It is possible to have a DIY divorce thereby saving financially
  • How to chose a solicitor – I am able to refer a solicitor if required
  • Court Fees
  • Solicitors Costs
  • Who pays
  • Preparation for court hearing if appropriate
  • Attending Court as necessary


  • Understanding your finances
  • What to do about your joint bank accounts
  • Who pays the bills and mortgage during the separation period 
  • Current financial needs and budgets
  • Financial Agreement
  • Consent Orders
  • On going financial needs – child maintenance
  • Will I get Spousal Support


  • Marital Home Rights 
  • Can I stay in the house
  • Can I change the locks
  • What am I entitled to
  • Where am I going to live


  • What about my children?
  • How do I get child maintenance
  • Custody 
  • Co-parenting plan
  • Child support

Support with paperwork

  • DIY Divorce
  • Form E
  • Financial Order
  • Parenting Plan

With my knowledge, skills and experience I will provide you with a service which is efficient and non judgemental.   I will look after you with your best interests in mind and working together we can  gather and organise your personal and financial information for your divorce.   I will navigate you through your divorce journey keeping you focused, motivated and looking ahead to a new life. Using a guided and structured plan I will save you money as well as supporting you emotionally and constructively to ensure we get through this as quickly as possible with the least amount of pain.

Contact me now for a 30 minute complimentary conversation to discuss  your divorce and how I can support you.


  • Complimentary 30 minute call to discuss your situation and how I can help
  • Initial Appointment (approx 2 hours) – £120
  • Hourly rate – £75

+ travelling time if over 25 miles (from TN12) and expenses
+ printing expenses are charged back at cost


First session preferably be face-to-face at a convenient venue.  I also work with many Clients via Skype or by phone.

Working with You

Whatever your needs I am able to advise and guide you through this difficult time. Learn more on the Coaching page.


Get in touch via [email protected] or 07977 777 306 to tell me your story and see how I can help you.