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What is Divorce Support?

For anyone going through a divorce you are likely to be aware of the onerous document called Form E.  One of the requirements for a financial settlement is that both parties should provide full and frank financial disclosure.  One is obliged to disclose absolutely everything and anything relating to finances, including property, assets, liabilities, bank accounts, credit cards, business interests, pensions, endowments, earnings from self-employment, employment, investments etc.  Failure to disclose everything is a criminal offence.   In addition to this form there is all the supporting documentary evidence for the previous 12 months which needs acquiring, printing and collating ready for submission to the court.

This is a form which cannot be rushed and it is imperative that nothing is missed.  It is an important document as not only sets out your financial position but it also paves the way for what you want to achieve by way of a financial settlement and your justification for this.

Please do not underestimate how long this form will take you to obtain all the data and relevant documentation.  A good form E makes the prospect of an earlier negotiated settlement more likely.  A Form E which is underprepared will invite enquiry and make an early financial resolution more difficult and will increase your legal costs.

How Does Divorce Support work?

Initially a face to face meeting is preferable to discuss the following :

  • The contract between the client and JWDS
  • Understand The Code of Ethics, Client Data Protection and Insurance
  • Read through the Form E and break it down into manageable sections
  • Draw up a timeline for final submission
  • Arrangement of specific tasks
  • Discuss what further information will be required and how to go about this
  • Understand the role of JWDS and how we will support and prepare the file for submission to your solicitors for overview prior to completion for presentation to the court


  • Initial Appointment (approx 2 hours) – £120
  • Hourly rate – £75

+ travelling time if over 25 miles (from TN12) and expenses
+ printing expenses are charged back at cost


First session will preferably be face-to-face at a convenient venue. After that, Skype sessions are available.

Working with You

Whatever your needs I am able to advise and guide you through this difficult time. Learn more on the Coaching page.


Get in touch via [email protected] or 07977 777 306 to tell me your story and see how I can help you.