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What is Divorce Recovery?

The Grief Recovery Method is a programme to help you complete your relationship to the pain, isolation and loneliness caused by significant emotional loss through your separation or divorce.

If you are reading this then there is a high probability that your heart is broken and caused by a divorce or a breakup of a relationship.

We have a very simple belief that everyone involved in a divorce is a griever. That includes children, parents, family and friends of the couple.

Regardless of the cause of your broken heart, you know how you feel, and it probably isn’t good. I am not going to tell you how you feel, you already know and I will not tell you I know how you feel, because I don’t and neither does anyone else.

Incomplete relationships can have a lifelong negative impact on your capacity for happiness. Recovery from loss is achieved by a series of small and correct choices made by the griever. It is my aim, along with the Grief Recovery Method to explain those action choices to you and guide you in taking them.

The key to your success in this grief support programme hinges on your willingness to apply yourself to the weekly homework assignments designed to help you move beyond loss. This is based on The Grief Recovery Handbook, a copy of which you will receive from me. I can’t do it for you but your participation is key to your recovery.

The Grief Recovery Method is an action plan. It is a series of small steps that when taken, in order, by the griever it leads to the completion of all the unresolved business linked to the loss. Through one-to-one sessions I can help guide you to build your own grief recovery action plan.

How Does Grief Recovery Work?

  • Let go of the past
  • Get back in control of your life
  • Reconnect with your Identity
  • Increase your confidence
  • Emerge with a positive attitude
  • Work through The Grief Recovery Handbook together, explaining and describing scenarios where necessary
  • Completion of homework and specific tasks
  • Total Honesty
  • Non Judgemental and Confidential
  • Face to face 6 x 1 hour sessions


  • 6 x 1 hour sessions  £360.00
  • Handbook included

Working with You

Whatever your needs I am able to advise and guide you through this difficult time. Learn more on the Coaching page.


Get in touch via [email protected] or 07977 777 306 to tell me your story and see how I can help you.